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Genesco recognizes our responsibility to promote long-term sustainable business practices and the need to reduce our environmental footprint. Whether at our corporate offices, our distribution centers, retail stores or operations outside the United States, Genesco pursues several initiatives to improve our environmental stewardship, understands evolving sustainability practices, and commits to seek new innovations with sustainable solutions.

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Supply Chain and Ethical Practices

Genesco is committed to responsible sourcing practices in our supply chain. We depend on third-party vendors to produce the products we sell but strive to work only with those vendors who share our commitment to responsible practices, especially in their relationships with employees and their stewardship of the environment. Our policies listed below are among the ways we seek to implement this commitment.

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At Genesco, it is our goal to be inclusive by embracing all cultures, ethnicities, backgrounds, orientations, and perspectives not only amongst ourselves but also with our shareholders, customers, vendors and communities where we operate.