Genesco recognizes our responsibility to promote long-term sustainable business practices and the need to reduce our environmental footprint.  Whether at our corporate offices, our distribution centers, retail stores or operations outside the United States, Genesco pursues several initiatives to improve our environmental stewardship, understands evolving sustainability practices, and commits to seek new innovations with sustainable solutions.

Genesco’s sustainability efforts have been led by our Schuh division, which achieved carbon neutral status in 2020. In addition, Schuh reduced emissions by 70 percent and utilizes 100 percent recycled bags in stores. Our recently published climate change policy addresses five key areas including 1) lessening greenhouse gases, 2) limiting non-renewable energy consumption, 3) reducing water use, 4) diverting waste from the landfill and 5) reducing packaging materials and waste. We believe our climate change policy not only benefits our people and our planet, but it is also our firm belief that this policy is a strategic and beneficial focal point for our financial future. Sustainability efforts are becoming best practices across Genesco including robust corrugate and metal recycling efforts as well as recycled materials being part of our footwear collections. For example, a line of Johnston & Murphy shoes utilized 300,000+ recycled plastic bottles. Each pair represents 1.6 recycled plastic bottles.

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